Er du fotograf? Se her! Den anerkjente fotografen Chris Morris holder masterclass

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Chris Morris kommer ikke bare til Hellkonferansen bare for å holde foredrag i plenum.

Kurset varer hele helga og går parallelt til det ordinære programmet. NB! Det er maks 8 plasser og førstemann til mølla.

Les mer om Chris Morris her.

Slik beskriver Chris sitt eget kurs:

Developing a personal photographic style, Learning to See. With Christopher Morris How to create a personal style is one to the often talked about issues in contemporary photography. To define and separate your vision in a very crowed industry has always been extremely challenging. With this class over a two day period, I will set you on a path to help with this.

By exposing the group to what I feel are the common mistakes that many working photographers are making today. While highlighting the successes of what makes a photograph stand the test of time.

To find the jewels and masterpieces in your work. The first day will be spent dissecting and discussing as a group a varied collection of work, with the end goal of helping all of us, what I like to call Learning to See.

Day two will be spent looking at a tight selection of your work with the group. To better help define your vision. You should be prepared to make an edit of roughly 30 images that you feel represents where you want to go with your work.

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